Café 160˚C Alfajores

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  • Alfajor - In-house made sandwich cookie filled with dulce de leche and topped with coconut shavings
  • Café 160˚C Bakery - All of the bakery products are made in-house by our talented baker Julio. Products are made on a daily basis to bring customers a fresh and authentic Latin American taste from our bakery products.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Corrie D

Tasted great! Prefer if it wasn't in a big plastic container.

Delicious 😋

I love alfajores, but couldn't find them in Canada. It was a pleasant surprise to find them available at UniMarket. They are delicious, fresh, and not too sweet. Just perfect! I will be ordering more.

Irena Berlin

The alfajores were good tasting but didnt seem fresh. Could be because the package wasnt completely closed but I didn't notice until I had them the day after receiving them.

Victoria D
Yummy alfajores

These alfajores are very good. Freshly made and very tasty.
There is one important opportunity for improvement regarding packaging of the alfajores for delivery. The plastic packages used are too flimsy. One of the packages broke a bit inside the delivery box. Another one was partially open inside the cardboard delivery box, resulting in icing sugar spread all over the other products shipped.
Summary: well made alfajores. Packaging needs improvement to protect the product to its final destination.