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Awesome tortilla chips

It's the real thing. They are awesome with Guacamole, so much better than Tostitos. They came very close to the good ones you can find in Mexico.


Muy buena calidad y sabroso


The alfajores were good tasting but didnt seem fresh. Could be because the package wasnt completely closed but I didn't notice until I had them the day after receiving them.


Great tasting and very easy to prepare. Used the oven.

Good quality guac and chips

Chips were tasty and super crispy. The guac was also really good and full of avocado. I would have liked both to be saltier, but I'm a salty person.

Tiny treats for my little one

I got these mostly for my toddler. They are delicious and heat up in the air fryer pretty easily. I got a 3 cheese ones by accident, but it was happy accident because they were delicious.

Tasty treat, lots of meat!

There was an adequate amount of food for 2.5 of us (my toddler doesn't eat a lot), and enough for leftovers. The sauces were great and super tasty. I also got ordered some additional crema and cojita cheese (recommend). Only unfortunate thing is that the pico de gallo wasn't securely closed, so my bag was a little soggy.

Compared to something like Hello Fresh, this is definitely a better deal (and you don't have to cook!)

Love this product

they are amazing! better than expected.


Muy rico, desafortunadamente casi siempre está agotado aquí, lastima.

Very good

Very good cheese. Fresh.

Super good coffee

Great coffee de Colombia 🇨🇴

Good coffee

The honey is soft good coffee


We enjoy all the products


These guys are great. Fast turn around time,and fair shipping costs. Interesting products at very fair prices.


Delicious and good size


Our whole family loved this so much and it was the perfect amount for the 4 of us. We will be ordering again!!

So good!

Love this cheese. Perfect for arepas.

Salsa de Tomatillo Rojo

Great balance of spice for this salsa! Sure to repeat purchase.

Yummy alfajores

These alfajores are very good. Freshly made and very tasty.
There is one important opportunity for improvement regarding packaging of the alfajores for delivery. The plastic packages used are too flimsy. One of the packages broke a bit inside the delivery box. Another one was partially open inside the cardboard delivery box, resulting in icing sugar spread all over the other products shipped.
Summary: well made alfajores. Packaging needs improvement to protect the product to its final destination.

My Addiction, El Pato

I have loved this sauce for decades, growing up in California, it is one of my favourites. I’m so very grateful for Unimarket for making it available at an affordable price. When travel becomes easier and I go to Calgary to visit friends, I’d love to check out the store. Everything looks delicious.

Galletas emperador

Delicioso sabor.