Topo Chico Agua Mineral - Carbonated Mineral Water 12 oz 6 Pack

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TopoChico Agua Mineral - Carbonated Mineral Water 6 Pack Information

    • Topo Chico Mineral Water - Mineral water Topo Chico comes from a Mexican tradition - mineral water very refreshing and ideal to quench your thirst. Magnesium and silicon contribute to the strengthening of bones and teeth. Calcium contributes to the normal functioning of nervous system and muscle tone. Sodium contributes to the proper absorption of fluid and maintaining blood pressure within normal limits. Topo Chico provides an excellent alternative to commercial soft drinks with its refreshing taste and unique mineral profile.
    • Net Wt - 12oz (6 Pack) 

    Customer Reviews

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    Patrick Campbell
    Top Tier Spicy Water

    Not actually spicy, definitely worth the hype. 10/10 no more diet sodee pops for me

    Great Mineral Water

    I had Topo-Chico recommended recently and was having difficulty find it locally so I decided to place an order with Unimarket as their price was good compared to the competition and am glad I did. The price may be high but it has a very clean taste with high carbonation. I enjoy it very much and it makes a nice treat for those who are fans of a good quality sparkling mineral water.

    New Fav

    Just love the refreshing taste of Topo-Chico. Had to check it out after hearing Tim Ferris rave about it and he was bang on.
    This little bottle of water made it easy to quit drinking soda and helped shrink my waistline.
    The folks at UniMarket are quick on their delivery with a fair price.
    Check it out.