TopoChico Agua Mineral - Carbonated Mineral Water 25.4oz

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Topo Chico Agua Mineral - Carbonated Mineral Water 25.4oz Information

    • Topo Chico Mineral Water - The minerals inside the sparkling drink include sodium, which avoids dehydration and promotes good bowel function. Magnesium, which helps in digestion and brain function.
    • Mineral Water - Water from a mineral spring that contains various minerals, these include salts and sulfur compounds
    • Net Wt - 25.4oz

    Customer Reviews

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    Just like I remember …

    Quick delivery and packaged well… will be ordering again

    Product is Great, Delivery Was Bad

    I've had Topo Chico a number of times by importing it from various carriers in Canada... quite enjoy the product despite I am not a conossieur of Mineral Waters.

    Unfortunately I had a very unfortunate outcome that I am not sure who may have been at fault, but my order of Topo Chicos that are classically stored in glass bottles... the package was damaged somehow by the time it got to me... I was left with many broken bottles of shard glass having to carefully dispatch of.

    This experience I have let customer service at unimarket know, and they have taken care of reimbursing me/refunding the bottles I lost.

    I still would like to get this product but perhaps I would get it via a different packaging... I know a Plastic Bottle exists, and I would have bought that but it was sold out.

    Marie-Claire Arrieta
    Best mineral water!

    It’s pricey but delicious.