The Real Mexican Carne Al Pastor - Authentic Mexican Pastor Meat 500g

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 The Real Mexican Carne Al Pastor 500g Information

  • Carne Al Pastor - Authentic Mexican al pastor meat, perfect for tacos you can accompany this delicious meat with onions and a tasty salsa.
  • The Real Mexican - Calgary based Mexican product supplier, Its authentic taste will take you one step closer to Mexico.
  • Net Wt - 500g

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Paul B
Another great experience

Everything arrived as promised, as scheduled. Meats and cheeses were still chilled. Will be shopping again shortly. Gracias!

Patricia Young
Excellent as always

Each one a verified beauty and very good.

David Ross
The Real Mexican

We love all of the Real Mexican products. And they seem to survive the trip via Canada Post out to the West Coast.

Aurora Bello
As close as you get to the real thing!

I was gladly impressed by authenticity of the flavor of this meat. As a “Tacos al Pastor” lover, this is as close as I’ve found in Canada. Already ordered more to have in stock!

Alejandro Romero
Excelente Sabor

Si eres amante de los tacos de pastor, esto es lo más cerca que puedes estar del sabor de México. Muy buen marinado