Sabritas Fritos Sal & Limon - Salt & Lime Corn Snacks-170g

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Sabritas Fritos Sal & Limon - Salt & Lime Corn Snacks Information

  • Fritos - Crunchy salt & lime flavored corn snacks. Take them anywhere you go and enjoy their delicious taste.
  • Sabritas - Mexican snacks company 100% dedicated to providing you with high-quality products that bring you close to Mexico's authentic & unique taste.
  • Ingredients-Nixtamalized corn, vegetable oil, seasoning (iodized salt, lime juice), achiote, TBHQ. Made in a factory that processes product that contains milk, soy, and Wheat Gluten. 
  • Net Wt - 170g

Customer Reviews

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Francesca Gosselin
Good !

I love flavor

#1 corn chip

My fav corn chip from Mexico, so many good memories!!
Beyond happy to find them in Toronto, now I don’t have to stuff my suitcases, thank you!
Delicious crunchy goodness with a very addictive lime vibe.

Memories of Mexico!

The last time I was in Mexico for a girls trip.....we found these Limon and Sal Fritos. Needless to say we enjoyed them them throughout our vacation. Coming home to Canada, there were no suppliers to be found until recently. Thank you Unimarket for selling this product and bringing back some great memories from my last trip to Mexico!