Postobón Manzana - Apple Flavoured Soft Drink Cans

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Postobón Manzana - Apple Flavoured Soft Drink Cans Information

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      • 12oz Apple Can 6 Pack
      • 12oz Apple Can Unit
    • Manzana - Apple flavoured Colombian soft drink with the refreshing taste of Colombia.
    • Postobón - Dedicated to providing customers with 100% authentic Colombian high-quality products. 
    • Net Wt - 12oz Can

    Customer Reviews

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    Richard Manton
    Great products, terrible service.

    I ordered a 6 pack of soda and 2 bags of chips and they threw it all loosely in the box with no packing or paper or anything, so the soda rolled around and smashed the chips into crumbs and blew one of the bags open.

    Products tasted great, even though half of them were destroyed