160˚C Colombian Ground Coffee - Café Molido

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160˚C Colombian Ground Coffee - Café Molido Information

  • Available Options:
    • Honey - Ground Coffee
    • Medium Roast - Ground Coffee
    • Dark Roast - Ground Coffee
    • Sierra -Ground Coffee
    • Fermented 65hr - Ground Coffee
  • Café 160˚C Colombian Coffee - Our coffee is farmed-sourced, handpicked, roasted in Colombia, and transported by plane to Calgary every week. Handpicking is a selective method to ensure quality. We take roasting to the scientific level. A unique roasting profile is developed for each coffee batch, altered by high temperatures, to maximize the aroma, flavour, and sweetness.
  • UM & CAFÉ 160˚C - 100% authentic Colombian coffee, make it at home or visit us at any of the UniMarket Locations and explore the taste of Colombian coffee with us.
  • Net Wt - 340g