Materva Yerba Mate Soda - Yerba Mate Soft Drink

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Materva Yerba Mate Soda - Yerba Mate Soft Drink Information

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      • 12oz Materva Can 6 Pack
      • 12oz Materva Can Unit
    • Materva -  Sweet carbonated drink made from Yerba Mate. Product from Cuba. 
    • Net Wt - 12oz

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Trevor Steinberg
      Great but lacking in Mate flavor

      I was looking for an alternative to Club Mate here in Canada, Materva is a decent replacement, but unfortunately tastes more like apple cider than Mate, the aftertaste is only apple which is really disappointing

      Cory Young
      Blast from the past

      I use to visit the Miami area years ago and this cola isn’t available in Canada. That’s until I found unimarket. Even though the prices were a bit expensive the shipping was quick! Thank you