Our Bakery

Café 160˚C Donuts




Pastry cream donut covered with coconut shavings & drizzled with chocolate

Piña Colada



Coconut glazed donut covered with with coconut shavings & filled with pineapple

160˚C Special



Pastry cream filled donut covered with chocolate and coconut shavings

Double Chocolate



Chocolate frosted donut covered with chocolate sprinkles




Sugar covered donut filled with dulce de leche ( Caramel Spread)

Craft Sprinkles



Chocolate frosted donut covered with rainbow sprinkles

All Sugar



Donut covered with sugar & cinnamon




Strawberry frosted donut covered with rainbow sprinkles

True Glaze



Sugar glazed donut




Maple frosted donut covered with walnuts

Café 160˚C Desserts

Brazo de Reina



In-house made bread roll filled with arequipe (Caramel spread) and topped with arequipe or whipped cream

Pastel Gloria



Puff pastry cakes filled with tasty flavourful dulce de leche

Roscon (Sweet Bread)



In-house made sweet bread filled with guava, arequipa, among other flavours

Pan Ovalo



Flavourful puff pastry cake with guava filling




Sweet curstard dessert drizzled with caramel

Trenza Cheese Bread



Delicious in-house made bread filled with cheese

Tres Leches



 Fresh and authentic in-house made sponge cake soaked in evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream.

Mexican Conchas 



Authentic Mexican sweet bread available in chocolate & vanilla




Cookie filled with arequipe (Caramel spread) and covered in coconut shavings




Tasty bread treats filled with guava

Mil Hojas



Puff pastry dessert filled with pastry cream and topped with arequipe (caramel spread)