Colombina Bon Bon Boom Bubble Gum Pops

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 Bon Bon Boom Bubble Gum Pops Information

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    • Assorted (Strawberry, Intense Strawberry, Tangerine) 
    • Watermelon
    • Strawberry
    • Passion Fruit
  • Bon Bon Boom Bubble Gum Pops - Juicy hard candy lollipops filled with a burst of flavourful gum with your favourite fruits
  • Colombina - At Colombina, the primary focus is the quality, taste, and innovation of the products offered to the public.
  • Net Wt - 400g (24 Lollipops)

Customer Reviews

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Strawberry Lollipop, Mmmmm Sooooo Good

When I first bought a bag of bon bon lollipops, it had four different flavours. One of the flavours was strawberry, which became my favourite. Finding a place where I can buy just a bag of strawberry lollipops is fantastic. Customer service is amazing and quick to respond to emails and shipping is very quick. 💖🍭👍🏻