UniMarket Homemade Mexican Tamales - Pork In Red Salsa

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UniMarket Homemade Mexican Tamales - Pork In Red Salsa Information

  • Pork Tamal in Red Salsa - These Authentic Mexican tamales are made using corn husks and filled with pork in red salsa.
  • Ready To Eat - Our Tamales are cooked and ready to eat, simply heat them up at home or we'll do it for you at UniMarket Cocina.
  • Keep it Fresh - For better taste and texture please do not warm up the tamales in microwave
  • Net Wt - Sold by the unit 

Customer Reviews

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Oh So Delicious

This was my first time eating Tamales. I ordered different ones and in both red and green sauces. It was so easy to just heat up in the microwave and eat. There was not a big difference in taste between the green sauce and the red sauce. I wish the Tamales came with extra sauce on the side that you can dip into with each bite or even pour on top of the heated tamales. The Pork Tamales in Red Sauce tastes great.

Z Cox
A Taste of Tex Mex

Coming from Texas to Canada thought would never get to have a "real" Tamale. Yes have found some from other latin countries, but not in a corn husk and with properly seasoned meat and masa. Will be ordering again.

Pork Tamales in red salsa

Tamales were well packaged, shipped with ice packs, the tamales were delivered well...
My only complaint, not enough meat given the price point...